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Business Growth Focused Strategy and Tactics

High performance-focused growth allows an entrepreneur or business leader to have more energy and ultimately operate in a state that optimizes the performance of your business.

When business leaders understand and practice the right business strategy, it positively impacts your bottom line.

You can become a self-starter that’s invested in the growth of your company.

One of the best ways to create growth in your business is to understand how to develop better habits, build a real business growth strategy, and implement high-performance tactics.

Business growth strategy should be integrated into every system and department of your business. This leads to better customer experience and more growth for your company.

My Journey

On a beautiful August Tuesday evening, when we were walking towards our hotel after having a sumptuous meal, the clouds broke open. The darkness descended upon us quickly, and we could barely see each other in the pouring rain. One minute, I was giggling as the rain pounded on us. The next, I heard a blood-curdling scream, and everything went blank.

As I regained consciousness, I was tasting the concrete. All I could feel was the searing pain on my right side. My family pulled me up slowly. We entered the hotel lobby and asked the receptionist for the nearest hospital. She shared that the nearest one was 25 miles away. I cursed myself for picking one of the remotest areas in South Dakota. Being an optimist, I thought stopping here would be no problem before getting on a 12-hour flight the next day. Sitting at the airport, my right arm in a makeshift sling, I got a doctor’s appointment on Friday because nothing was available on Thursday.

I was joking with the X-ray technician that it was probably nothing. She raised her eyebrows and gently tried to straighten out my right arm. I heard that doggone blood-curdling scream again. You guessed correctly – it was me. They sent me off to the big dogs – to a CAT scan and an MRI. I found out that my right shoulder broke in multiple places. Instead of sympathy from the family, doctor, and nurses, they dished out glaring looks aimed at me for delaying the medical visit.

Because of the way the bone breaks were, surgery was not an option. My shoulder took a long time to heal, resulting in complications. During this time, I often crowned myself, “The Poor Me Grumpy Queen.” My world had diminished to a small area of existence, with only a few resources within my reach. Since my ability to move without excruciating pain was so profound, I set up a recliner in my living room. I sat there by day and slept (or tried to) by night. I could no longer drive, write, type, prepare food, shower, change clothes, or get up from that darned chair without help. I was experiencing life as an invalid, something that I didn’t think would happen until old age – if at all. I felt distressed because not only was I physically in pain, but I was also dealing with mental, emotional, and financial burdens to carry on my one good shoulder. As if I did not have enough on my plate, my medical plan had high deductibles. 

I thought my business was going to shatter into little pieces like glass as my medical debt piled over $35,000 for two years. I didn’t know if my business or I would ever be the same again. I felt foreign to myself and often wondered, “Who is this alien creature I had turned into?” All was gloom and doom!

Finding My Way

Then, one day, I was fortunate to fall into deep meditation after taking pain medication. I realized that I was miserable about being miserable. I made a split-second decision to create a shift. Subsequently, having learned to handle my swinging emotions, I learned to live by the phrases, “Necessity is the mother of invention,” “I am okay to be human,” and “Perfection is the roadblock to progress.” During my reflective, positive waves, I began to garner my mind, emotions, and actions for the arduous journey of recovery. I often thought of my “Why.” I reminded myself that my “why” is about my love of people and connections. I began to allow myself to be vulnerable, to put my pride on the back burner, and to ask for help. Surprisingly, the relationship bonds with my closest friends and colleagues became very robust. The more I asked for help, the more people offered. It was a very eye-opening concept that I began to explore in-depth. I wondered what made these great people so willing to help me, even beyond what I asked.

At first, I had a misconception that my injury stole a year and a half out of my life. I later realized that it provided me with the equivalent of years of learning, growing, and gaining momentum in a relatively short period. I learned a perspective that I could be a flawed human who could support others while receiving help. I encouraged my relationships by listening to their woes and challenges, as well as helping them in their personal and professional growth. What I thought might be the death knell for my business became a wave of creativity and ingenuity that kept my business alive. I was also able to keep somewhat of a routine personal and home life with the help of friends and family.

As the end of the year following my adventure approached, I spent some time in reflection, and I was pleasantly surprised that I kept my sanity through it all. I stayed true to my “Why.” I had a massive personal evolution making my soul richer in so many ways. I am happy to say that I was able to pay off my debt and taking my business to the next level! Now, I am hungry, focused, and ready to help you unleash your inner influencer, manifest your dreams in your life and business and help you help others. Are you ready to make a MASSIVE IMPACT?

With years of experience, we can improve every aspect of your company.

“82% of businesses that fail do so because of cash flow problems.”

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