Divya Parekh

Communication Shifts to Consistently Land Better Customers

The lifeblood of any organization growing is new business. If you want your company to grow online, you have to attract new customers. Repeat business is great but to get there, they first have to become customers.

There are some very simple things you could do that would consistently bring in new business online in a cost effective way. Constant growth from many sources is the key to operating a healthy digital marketing plan.

1. Get more personal. Customers buy from who they know, like and trust. The legendary Peter Drucker said, “People buy with their hearts, not their minds.” If a visitor to your website doesn’t feel that personal connection, chances are they’re not going to buy from your company.

One of the most visited pages on any website is your “about” page. While we certainly want to list accomplishments, you don’t want to make people feel like you’re talking to them from a pedestal. If they get that feeling, they’re already gone.

Every company website is different but simple things like talking about the founders and their efforts to start the business are more interesting than a list of accomplishments. Get more personal.

Start that process of getting people to know, like and trust you.

2. Simplify your website. You’ve seen websites that have so much going on that you just don’t know what to do. People get frustrated and leave when there are too many options on your website.

According to HubSpot research, you only have 10 seconds to capture someone’s attention when they visit our website. That means, it has to be simple and clear about what you are encouraging a new visitor to do.

Simplify as much as possible. A great example of this is the wildly popular website Zen Habits, which Time magazine listed as one of the 25 best websites in 2010. The website boasts more than a million readers. Visitors love its simplicity.

Not every website can be that simple, but chances are, there are ways to simplify your website. That will create a better user experience for potential new customers.

3. Don’t sell too hard—too soon. Naturally, you want it to make revenue, but in that desire to increase profits, you risk coming off as pushy to your community. The soft sell usually works best for closing a new customer.

Let the new customer know what your organization offers, show them results they would get, and offer testimonials from people satisfied with what they bought from you. That information does all the selling for you without coming off as pushy.

4. Have more testimonials. People want unbiased opinions on whether what you are selling is worth buying. Testimonials and reviews are the first things they look at on your site.

Ask customers for honest feedback in the form of a testimonial or review. Get more video testimonials. Display them proudly. New customers will feel more comfortable making that decision to buy.

5. Have a strategic marketing plan. You need a marketing plan in place to consistently market your business to potential new customers. It has to be strategic and the vision shared with your marketing team.

Use automation to set up marketing campaigns for your business on social media and through email. These sequences run 24/7.

We live in an exciting time in which the Internet and social media have created a huge marketplace for new business. These simple tips will help you do just that. Take advantage of social media and the Internet to find new customers who are waiting for you.